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Team development programs are tailored to the specific requirements and challenges of each team whether that is a high performing team, virtual team or highly diverse team. Recognising that people are your power, courses are designed to work at a deep motivational level to generate positive and lasting change.

A foundation of shared values, respect, trust, support, clarity of purpose and transparent communications is required to build a team. Effective teams produce remarkable results.

Based on the principles of adult learning and drawing on the sciences including applied psychology, cognitive anthropology and neuro-linguistics, training programs are designed to :

  • Align and connect individual, team and organization values
  • Develop techniques to enhance and build relationships
  • Build strategic alliances & become a trusted advisor
  • Clarify team roles, rules, goals & processes
  • Establish the characteristics of effective teams

The methodology used to support learning outcomes include :

  • Educational activities to integrate the content
  • Current research & case studies to broaden perspective
  • Brainstorming & mindmapping
  • Role plays to encourage active learning
  • Work books tailored for each team to reinforce models & concepts
  • Individual and group coaching sessions to tailor the learning experience

"You have played a critical role in helping us establish such important team values & the general team’s acceptance & understanding of the value of openness, honesty, & personal accountability in effective team dynamics" John Playfair. Regional Operations Manager BP Reliance

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