Enagagement isn't
the whole story,
but it makes the

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“The real voyage f discovery consists not of seeking new landscaptes but of having ne eyes.” Marcel Proust

Creating a purposeful life requires a journey to your inner landscape to understand the complexities that make you distinctive, exceptional and unique.

For those at a crossroads. For those seeking guidance or clarity around their next chapter. For those curious about what could be possible. For those seeking a meaningful life, this course is an awakening, a clarion call to life and living on purpose.

In particular you will discover;

  • Your personal identity, strengths, successes and challenges
  • Your voice and how to step into your power
  • Life mapping to raise self awareness
  • Your core values and internal motivators
  • Strategies for working with limiting beliefs
  • How to build trust to deepen connection in relationships

“With empathy and patience Dolores helped me to a better understanding of the personal strengths and skills that I had available to apply towards change and also of the inner blocks that were keeping me from taking action.” E. Clutterbuck

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