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but it makes the

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“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives. “ Anthony Robinson

Relationships are made or broken one conversation at a time. It takes courage to address a difficult situation or person. It takes skill and a desire to build relationships that matter. Each courageous conversation enables us to step into our power, have an authentic voice and build connections based on mutual trust and respect.

Using a simple communication framework, you will learn a step by step process to have courageous conversations which enable you to:

  • Influence with integrity
  • Engage emotional intelligence in straight talk
  • Clarify expectations & assumptions
  • Use the power of silence
  • Develop rapport to build confident connections
  • Listen mindfully in order to be heard & to understand
  • Accept your part in co-creating the relationship
  • Clarity needs & concerns
  • Establish boundaries - Say ‘yes’ when you mean it and ‘no’ when you need to
  • Find the courage to be real

“I feel like I now have the skills required to have courageous conversations. Don’t feel as scared of having them!” A. Jones / Deloitte Consulting

“Participants in the workshops and coaching calls that Dolores ran for us provided excellent feedback regarding her training and coaching abilities. They felt very comfortable and at ease with her which enabled them to open up and explore areas that they may have otherwise been afraid to look at. “ L. McTye / Training Manager / BP Reliance

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